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Lodge and Brotherhood
Gregor A. Gregorius, taken from his scripts of the occult art of living

We want to be absolutely clear about this: The way of the knowing esoteric human being leads unquestionably to loneliness. And this is a longed-for loneliness which is welcome. She is the harmonic sister of abandonment. Unlike abandonment, she is not bearing in her hands hate, desperation and ungratified desire, poisoned fruits of the Tree of Knowledge; but she holds the pure vibration of a harmonic blissfulness. Thus is this loneliness a high aim but the way to it is not easy and leads through low valleys in which dwell listlessness, doubt and deep weariness.

You must indeed struggle through to the perception that the way upwards leads away from other people; that you must separate from the loud crowd to become alone and happy.

You do not climb with hundreds to the high summits! The boldest climber conquers the way alone! Your voice never sounds this clear if it comes from the choir of the crowd; your foot can never step this firmly if loving arms twine around your neck! Alone! Alone! A royal lord on highest level !

Have for friends only the most magnificent who ever lived in dead times. So you are free, truly free, and your soul is united with god and nobody hinders you.

No dogma constricts you and no church calls you to service. You need not bow to any parsons or priests who are often only servants who do not even believe what they teach. But you do only believe what gave you knowledge, and you listen to the god in your soul speaking to you. You seek and find god in nature in all his creation, in all forms, and you grasp in your longing daringly and boldly at the stars. God is within you. You are yourself god !

So go your way of true mysticism and you will see that from time to time on this hard, quiet way still somebody serious associates with you to accompany you a part of the way. He is a seeker just like you! He also glances at the heights lying in bright sunshine. Then walk silently alongside him, for your souls are connected for thousands of years. His way comes from the same turn that lies behind your development and now you both are thrown into this incarnation. Fate wanted it and higher powers are at your service.

That is the real brotherhood which is seldom but so precious. It ranks much higher than women’s love. The limits of the sex have been overcome long time ago and your desire is only directed towards the god ! So can circles find together of people who know each other only by a handshake and the inner shining of their eyes. There is the brotherhood that knows! You must search for them. And it is destiny to find them.

But you should know: Even in their midst you will be alone! Your way becomes steeper and many a brother stays behind who went with you. Lodges are stations of congenial people on the way to gathering, recovery and advice. Anybody needs schooling in order to evade the dangers coming from the gorges. The demonia never rest and they are greedy for every soul to drag it down from the path of light.

So the spiritual bond of the brother circle will protect you as long as you need. You will be tested, given even further knowledge, and you will be comforted when you are tired. Then the roses on the cross will be fully blooming for you, and your Chakras will be circling in the ether body. Then you will be the spiritual human being and a higher hand will take the Karma off your shoulders.

That is the way to the lodge and to brotherhood. It ends up in loneliness, but some need many lives to go it! You shall not hasten but mature.

Lodge service is also divine service! The old rituals hold powers rooting magically in the cosmos. And then their powers are yours! That is a comfort and a confidence.