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The Magic of the Pentagram
Extract from an essay by Gregor A. Gregorius

The pentagram plays a weighty role in occult symbol magic. It belongs to the group of defensive symbols with a strong protective effect against astral influences.

According to the teachings of magic, symbols are primal forms, in itself limited force fields of concentrated centralisations of power in a strong magical influx.

Depending on their forms, their effects are of emanating or of summoning character.

Method and mode of performing a symbol is less important, they can be made of a solid substance, and they can also be a drawing. Their magical powers can be strengthened by loading Od energy and also by imagination and visualisation.

An effect can even occur when such a symbol will be formed in the air as a visual shape, under a strong mental imagination, with outstretched hand. The more intensive the imagination of a magus, the more perceptible the effect will be.

The pentagram is a special symbol in applied magic since its usage is of a time-tested knowledge. The defensive powers of the pentagram can only unfold if the pentagram is shaped beginning the stroke from the top point down to the bottom point. Then the five planetary powers inhering in a pentagram coalesce in centralised harmony. Thus it forms a cosmic and harmonic power concentration per ancient laws of forming and composing. The pentagram contains the primal powers of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Moon and Earth.

If the pentagram is inverted so that it stands on the pointed end, it bears a summoning, purely demonic, black magical character, and is used in this form with practical astral magic in order to invoke demonic entities.

In upright position the pentagram symbolises the upright standing human being with the head reaching into the mental spheres. Inverted, a person is characterised who dives mentally into the depths of lower spheres and tries to drag astral powers down by means of the sexual organs.

The inverted pentagram is thus used for the different rites of conjuring planetary entities, which traditionally belong to the category of planetary Demonia, beginning to trace the pentagram at the point associated with the correspondent planet.

The same method is applied to invoke planetary intelligences and angelic entities, but the symbol must stand upright.

The pentagram may also be worn as an adornment or a talisman. It averts accidents, strengthens personal energies and powers. It should be made of natural iron which may be silvered or also gilded. The five corners are to be fitted with the corresponding precious stones, the centre with a diamond or a ruby or a dark Spanish topaz. Only true gems are to be used.