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The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

The Ritual of the Pentagram protects from negative states concerning yourself or your environment (banishing). It can also be used for loading powers (invoking). The Ritual of the Pentagram is usually performed with the
Kabbalistic Cross which is opening and closing of the ritual. For further lecture see “The Magic of the Pentagram” by Gregor A. Gregorius.


For the defence against negative energies in a room perform the banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The banishing pentagram is also used for sealing.
Concentrate on your problem or wish and visualise it clearly in order to dissolve it afterwards.

For invoking let the vision absorb you or the whole room (impregnation of a room). The invoking pentagram has a summoning effect and is also used to unseal a room.


The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram:

Stand upright facing east and perform the Kabbalistic Cross.

Still facing east, trace a banishing pentagram with your right hand as follows:

Now point to the centre of the pentagram and intone the god name JHVH (Yod, Heh, Vau Heh), imagine your voice carrying the vibration to the east of the world.

Turn to the south. Trace the pentagram and intone the god name ADONAI.

Turn to the west, draw the pentagram and intone EHEIEH.

Now turn to the north. Draw the pentagram and intone AGLA.

Return to the east and raise your arms forming a cross and speak the names pronounced:

Before me - Raphael -- Rah-fah-ell
Behind me - Gabriel -- Gah-bree-ell
On my right hand - Michael -- Mee-chah-ell
On my left hand - Auriel -- Au-ree-ell

Before me flames the pentagram. Behind me shines the six-rayed star.

Repeat the Kabbalistic Cross.

Your thoughts are concentrated all the time on the purpose of the ritual.


The Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram: 

Prepare as described above. The performance of the ritual is the same as above but the pentagram is traced with the left hand in the opposite direction: