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Energy Ball

Exercises with the Energy Ball are performed using meditation and visualisation. The Energy Ball can be used for any kinds of energetic purposes and may be easily varied. In our example below the Energy Ball is used to project energy to a person. The same method can be used for “Od cleansing” - cleansing off negative vibrations and energies, as described in exercise 2.
If you have difficulties in visualisation, turn to the
Visualisation exercise before.

Make yourself clear about your aim. A silent room and a little meditation may be helpful.


Perform exercises with the Energy Ball only once a day for approx. 5 minutes and only for the limited period of 5 days in a row in order to avoid negative mental effects.

Exercise 1) Projection of energy to a person:
Take your usual position for meditation as desired. Concentrate on your aim. Form a ball with your hands by bringing your fingertips together, hardly touching. Feel the energy gathering in your hands in the form of a sphere. Concentrate and visualise the sphere in your hands fill up with more and more energetic power until it has formed a good round ball of energy, warm and heavy in your hands. When you feel that the time has come, imagine the person to whom you want to project the energy. Open your hands and have the ball levitate. Visualise how it finds its way and reaches its destination, slowly or immediate, and have it unfold its strengthening power.

Exercise 2) Cleansing off negative energies:
You can release yourself from negative energy using the Energy Ball, similar to exercise 1. Again create an imaginary sphere of energy inside your hands. Cleanse yourself of any negative energy by imagining that all your worries, sorrows, problems and fears flow into the sphere. When you feel the time has come open your hands and visualise the sphere levitate, have it rise to the sky, up to the stars, and let all negative energy return into the cosmic circulation.