Magic in Practice


Ritual magic belongs to the classical magic and is considered as one of the most important disciplines of practical magic.

Rituals in effect dictate our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Rituals we use to do help us win confidence in everyday life (routine). In the same way are rituals needed in practical magic to gain consciousness and to face spiritual challenges. Rituals help us obtain energies, be it generally or for a certain aim, we would not have been aware of (even though they exist) and thus not able to use them, if these energies were not “charged” by means of the concentrated attention in a ritual.

In Thelemic organisations transcendent experiences through rituals support the process of personal development like disciplining of the ego and the will, and the awakening and/or enhancement of personal power.

Rituals were always found in countless numbers of structures and for various purposes. The energetic effect of a ritual is usually increased when it is repeated regularly.
It is essential that a ritual has been fully understood in structure and purpose to gain the requested consciousness for successful results. Only the one who puts heart and the necessary concentration to the task can achieve the desired results, and/or can analyse errors if something went not as planned.

The basis for every ritual is a good ability to visualise and to concentrate. It would therefore be advisable to start with such training. In the course of time, when concentration and visualisation have more and more improved, one can go for more complex rituals too.

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