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Kabbalistic Cross

The Kabbalistic Cross is a basic ritual that is used as a tool to become conscious of the own divine ego and to come into contact with the sources of power and creation. It is also a good concentration and visualisation training. The Kabbalistic Cross is always performed at the beginning of the
Ritual of the Pentagram .

When applied regularly, the overshadowing presence of your higher and divine genius (divine spark) will become more and more aware. Practise as often as you like.


Stand upright facing east. Imagine you grow very tall, this tall that your head is over the clouds whilst the earth under your feet becomes a small globe on which you stand. Take a few minutes to visualise the scene.

Intone Ateh while you touch your forehead with the forefinger of your right hand. Visualise the white light of Kether above your head. A line of light follows the moves of your hand while you continue with the ritual.

Move your hand down to point at your feet and intone Malkuth. Feel the line of light streaming down to your feet. This forms the stem of the cross of light.

Bring your hand to touch the right shoulder and intone ve-Geburah. Visualise your right shoulder inflamed with white light, prepared to produce the crossbeam to the left.

Move your hand across to the left shoulder and vibrate ve-Gedulah.

The Kabbalistic Cross has now been formed. Now cross your arms over your chest and vibrate le-Olahm.

Fold your hands (palm to palm), raise them over your head and intone Amen. Visualise how the cross of light extends through your body and expands wide into space.

Forehead: Ateh
(Thou art)

Feet: Malkuth
(the kingdom)

Right shoulder: ve-Geburah
(and the power)

Left shoulder: ve-Gedulah
(and the glory)

Arms crossed: le-Olahm

Hands raised: Amen
(so be it)