Magic in Practice


Reasons to burn incense are as manifold as there are people. The simplest reason of all: Itís  fun. Besides, censing improves sensitivity for ritualistic or meditative applications. Incense is an age-old tool for ritualistic cleansing and purification and may be used prior to any ritual. Regular smudging improves spiritual disciplining as it increases the spiritual and mental sensitivity and thus the capability to face the challenges of life.

Which ingredients?
The inexperienced user should rely on his or her sense of smell and start experimenting with familiar substances. A simple to start incense may be made of lavender flowers only. In the course of time one will have the courage to add further substances or to exchange them.

Best time for censing?
Generally there is no certain time to burn incense. In many cultures censing and smudging is an integral part of the daily life. Censing is desired at any time of the day. Regular application turned out to be advantageous if the ritual is connected with a certain purpose. The decision is up to each individual. One can hardly make mistakes if one works with the heart.


Censing Rituals:
Saturn Incense